Candice Glover Talks Making ‘American Idol’s’ Top 2

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“I didn’t like any of them, to be honest,” she told reporters after the broadcast. “I’m a perfectionist and I can always find something that I could’ve done better.”

It made for a somber, reflective Thursday morning, as Glover explained: “I woke up and I was, like, ‘Today is a crucial day, but no matter what, you got to the top three. That’s not bad. So make sure you don’t be crawling all over the stage crying if you go home tonight. It’s OK.’ I gave myself the talk, if you go home, it’s all right. … So I was definitely surprised. Did you see me run?”

At the same time, Glover says she was equally thrown to learn that Angie Miller was being sent home. “I was shocked because I was going through this whole thing, like, ‘Angie is going to win. She has an amazing voice, she has the personality.’ … I’m gonna miss her so much because she brought the sunshine. She’s taught me how to be more energetic and more into what I’m doing. She’s super talented and will be at the top of the charts by next year.”

Glover had equally warm things to say about Kree Harrison, who she said was “also amazing.”

Less than a week from the finale, Glover is planning to dive into her songs for the big season closer. “I’m mentally and musically preparing myself and digging deep into my songs,” she said. But first: “I need eight hours of sleep.”

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