Happy Mother’s Day! The Active Family Project Helps Busy Moms Stay Fit

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    Just in time for Mother’s Day! As a “Future FitGirl Mom” (future as in expecting to be a mom one day….not currently  “expecting”) I am excited to share with you all the fun fit tips I learned at the launch of Merck Consumer Care’s Health and Wellness Effort: The Active Family Project. Designed to help empower moms to live a more active lifestyle with their families, this new health and wellness initiative is focused on inspiring families to live life more fully by spotlighting healthy habits, providing tips and information and sharing fun family activities. So what are you waiting for FitGirl Mommy? Join this community of women who are rockin’ a “S” on their chest too! Go team “Doing It All!”

    Workout v. Work “In”

    If you are like most moms you probably have been trying to petition for an extra two hours a day ever since your little bundle came to earth. This never ending search for more time has left your nights restless and your to do list limitless. So working out has entered the land of “Whenever I Get A Chance.” You are not alone. However this Mother’s Day, I give you this gift from celebrity mom, Active Family Project spokesperson and Emmy award-winning co-host of ABC’s “The View” Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Start seeing your workouts as your “work in.” If you are able to get to the gym for an hour or take a run around the block…awesome! If not, then every little bit counts. Walking to pick your kid up from after school care (instead of driving), racing them to the car, or making chores a timed relay event all count as healthy activity.

    Add Playtime To Your Schedule

    You wouldn’t forget to schedule your kids vaccines or dentist’s appointments, now would you? So try scheduling playtime as if it were just as critical to their development as these medical visits are. According to Amy McCready (Parenting Expert and Founder of Positive Parenting Solutions) The eye to eye contact that regular play dates with your kids provides directly affects their overall behavior. So if your child is acting out, have them sweat it out (with you by their side). Kiddos like boundaries, so when you schedule regular playtime as a family they will not only look forward to this QT, but you may also lose those last five pounds in the process. So take five minutes to make a playlist (not of music) and lock down some dates.

    Socialize & Exercise

    Now that you have logged on to the free Active Family Project website and are ready to create a playlist, let me introduce you to a way to socialize and exercise. May 11th (in honor of Mother’s Day and busy households nationwide) is the first annual National Family Playdate. Plan a fun activity after Mother’s Day brunch or through May 26 and “Like” the Active Family Project’s Facebook page. By sharing in a pledge to plan a family playdate you can also enter a chance to win a sweepstakes for four weeks of play-themed prizes. Fun fun fun! Happy Mother’s Day!


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