Woman Allegedly Locked Student In Classroom Before Raping Him

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Originally seen on http://theurbandaily.com/

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6 thoughts on “Woman Allegedly Locked Student In Classroom Before Raping Him

  1. The teacher is WAY out of line, but this story does sound fishy. Especially the part about him getting with her days later to have sex. It doesn’t sound like the police got the pictures, from this 18 year old, days after the classroom incident happened.

    I had a permanent sub kiss me one day after class as I was walking out of class. I told him, “Don’t ever do that again!”, and walked out. It never happened again, I didn’t try to take pictures of him as evidence, and I didn’t go back later and have sex with him. I am not sure if I should have done more, but that was the end of that. Adults who mess with kids, be it their students, or not, are out of line. Some of these kids are not innocent victims, though.

    • I agree with some of that Tami, especially about some of the kids not being so innocent, however the teachers or anyone other adult are the “adults” and we should show some restraint and give that child some guidance. I do think those teachers preying on kids like the one that kissed you should be put on blast because even though he didn’t do it to you any more you left him out there to do it to someone else’s child that may not be as mature are strong willed as you.

      • You are right, but I was 17 and didn’t want thugs attention it would have brought. Besides my dad would have killed him.


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