Mike Winans Seeks Donations After Ponzi Scheme Conviction

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    Michael Winans Jr., who was convicted in February for running Ponzi Scheme that left dozens of his victims in financial ruin, is now asking the public for donations to pay his legal team.

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    Fox 2 News Detroit reporter Rob Wolchek reports he watched Winans admit in court to stealing millions of dollars from people. But, in a Vimeo video released four days ago, the gospel singer from the internationally celebrated Winans family said that “there are numerous stories out there that claim I stole millions of dollars from innocent people. That is not true.”

    Federal prosecutors and a judge disagreed.

    As NewsOne previously reported, Winans was sentenced to 13 years in prison after pleading guilty to defrauding more than 1200 investors. He was also ordered to pay $4.8 million in restitution to his victims. Many of his victims said the singer used his Christian faith and family name to take advantage of them.

    In the newly released video, Winans claims, however, that he has returned 80 percent of the restitution money to his victims. Moreover, he says “Much of the money that was collected by others that was supposedly going to me never even came to me. I didn’t even get the money.”

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    5 thoughts on “Mike Winans Seeks Donations After Ponzi Scheme Conviction

    1. That dirty-lown-down…is continuing the FRAUD by begging the public to pay for his SCAM should be sent back to prison for continuing to HOOK, CROOK & SNOOK the public.

    2. This young man truly needs help. He doesn’t believe that he has done anything wrong. His family has money. If they aren’t giving him any money, what makes him think that strangers will.

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