Updates Released In Morehouse Students’ Sexual Assault Cases

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  • Just three weeks before President Obama’s scheduled commencement speech, four students from Morehouse College have been arrested and charged in connection with two separate sexual assaults.

    According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, three student athletes have been charged for the alleged rape of an 18-year-old Spelman College student. Basketball players Chukwudi Ndudikwa and Malcolm Frank currently face rape and aggravated sodomy charges, and Tevin Mgbo is looking at aggravated sodomy, kidnapping and reckless conduct charges.

    Recent updates in the case reveal that the alleged assault happened at on-campus party at the Otis Moss Suites residence hall on March 8. According to court documents, the victim claimed she was celebrating spring break at a club , then campus party. She admitted to underage drinking but said she did not willingly use drugs of any kind that night.

    However, the lawyers of the accused men “tell a story of a drug- and alcohol-fueled evening in which a young woman had consenting sex.”

    A witness told police that she saw the young woman consuming a white powdery drug, possibly the illicit party drug “Molly.”

    Here’s how a few witnesses described the incident:

    Several witnesses say the victim did have sex with several men in several rooms, and one witness says the victim used a drug.

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    2 thoughts on “Updates Released In Morehouse Students’ Sexual Assault Cases

    1. Is this not the second or third incident where Morehouse students have been accused of raping a Spelman student? Spelman was one of the schools on my daughter’s list of colleges, along with Wellesley and Smith. After hearing this news, I must say I am very disappointed. There is no way I let her attend Spelman now. And it’s a shame too. Morehouse use to be a prestigious, highly regarded school in the black community. Now, it seems as if it’s just a mediocre “state” school for wayward black men.

    2. No one ever learns from other stories, why take the chance with your life by having sex with a drunk or high girl, surely you don’t need it that bad. But if they actually did it, shame.

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