High School Student Charged With Felony Over Science Experiment

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    Kiera Wilmot, 16, is by all known accounts an excellent student with impeccable behavior. She is also — now — a marked woman who will be tried as an adult for discharging a weapon on school grounds in what was allegedly a bungled science experiment,” reports WSTB.com.

    On the morning of Monday, April 20,  Wilmot mixed some household chemicals inside of an 8 oz. bottle of water. The top flew off the bottle and a cloud of smoke erupted.

    There was no damage caused and no one was injured, but Wilmot is still being tried as an adult on charges of “possession/discharge of a weapon on school grounds and discharging a destructive device.”

    “She made a bad choice. Honestly, I don’t think she meant to ever hurt anyone,” principal  told WTSP. “She wanted to see what would happen [when the chemicals mixed] and was shocked by what it did. Her mother is shocked, too.”

    Wilmot was taken in handcuffs to a juvenile assessment center and expelled. She will have to complete her diploma in an expulsion program.

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    24 thoughts on “High School Student Charged With Felony Over Science Experiment

    1. In my view anytime you are able to support some-one with this it is a great thing to do . With thanks and also you can be definitely sure loads of people cherish the recommendation .

    2. Society has come to a dispensation of biblical signs, when even the law will become out of hand and shall become lawless, society law controllers wrong the right, and right the wrong, uphold the ignorance. Men sleeping with another hard back man is ok, a Woman sleeping with another woman designed the same is ok, and yet this young lady carries neither the signers of a bomber, but ignorance has taken up the once was intelligent seats. But what fools of feathers that flock together fail to see, blind covers, don’t cover everything, but prayer shall cover the multitude of what a crooked and perverse society does not want to recognize. AND THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH! Prayer will prevail, because God is, rather they believe or not, God is still in charge.

    3. This just shows to the world how scared white people really are they are starting a race war now they trying to defuse it by killing the young black kids just be careful what you wish for

    4. I’m actually tired of people calling this an experiment. Youtube is full of videos of kids making these dangerous little bombs out of the same ingredients. She knew what was going to happen. She doesn’t deserve a felony but expulsion is a fitting punishment.

    5. What “code of conduct” was violated? Creativity? Curiosity about chemical reactions? Independent thinking? The scientific process? I thought that was what learning was all about!! This student needs to find a school with educators smarter than she is and honest enough to realize when they made a mistake. She and her family also need a lawyer to correct this gross injustice and she should never look back. These people aren’t worth it!! Congrats on being interested in science and actually trying to learn.

      • I hope there’s more to it than what’s written. If not, this is zero tolerance taken too far.

    6. Obviously the school administrators are trying to justify their biased, knee-jerk reaction. If it had been a non-minority student, there would have been slow and careful deliberation resulting in an excuse as to why the student wouldn’t be expelled. When it comes to minority students, all to often, there’s a rush to judgement, and over-reaction when it comes to discipline.

    7. Firstly, this is not a very good article, in fact, it’s downright awful. The writer needed to add some detail to this matter to fully understand what really happen and why.

      Secondly, people are calling this a ‘science experiment’. WHY? Who gave this student permission to conduct this ‘experiment’? Was it part of a class assignment? Why fill a bottle full of possible chemical hazards without speaking to a teacher first?

      If this student is so smart, why didn’t her high intelligence tell her that this may be the type of experiment that need to be conducted in a control environment?

      There’s no doubt that the punishment doesn’t fit the crime but this young lady must be held responsible & accountable.

    8. I think they should get rid of the whole idea of having kids do science projects period because this is ridiculous. Science is experimenting and when you experiment you don’t always know the outcome. On top of that my kid is disappointed every year that he never wins because the teachers always chose the projects that were clearly done by the kids parents. So if it was up to me I would never have my child do them again.

      • Wildflower, science isn’t about winning science projects, it’s about discovery & research & the unknown. Please DO NOT discontinue your child’s education in this field. Science is very much apart of everyday life and your child could be the one to discover a break-thru cure or uncover the many mysteries of life.

        • Tell that to the teachers that make a big deal out of awarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize to the projects that they think are the best. I know what science projects are about but when you have the schools putting emphasis on the awards and prizes then there lies your focus. My son is only 10 and every year he comes home talking about the project that won which even the kids can see that their peers did not do this project on their own, but had more than needed help from the parents. I am all about the lesson therefore his project is ran by him and I am just his assistant. So I get it.

      • Eh…I never won a science fair either. Doesn’t mean that the value of science experimentation is any less, especially when the point of a science fair is not to win, but to learn about the scientific method. He may not always win, but just because he does it on his own, he’s not entitled to win. You both have my deepest sympathy for his disappointment, but why not reward him for his hard work? He may not get the scholarships that the winners may get, but you should always encourage him to do his best regardless of a win.

    9. This an an outrage on so many levels against a child that made a simple mistake with an assignment… The true mistake here are the school staff in charge that are making these decisions to ruin the future of yet another promising minority student… Parents, please stand up for your children so that they may a fighting chance at getting a decent education…

    10. The system’s set up to get Colored people. Expelling a child, taking her out in handcuffs & this is a good student. Mind you, the majority of students receiving these outrage no tolerance BS is Colored. People, we need to get into the policy decisions being made about everything in our town, city, state & country. They’re doing us at every level.

    11. Arresting a student for an experiment gone wrong? Are we saying never do an experiment unless you now what the outcome will be. It that an experiment? No! The police should never have been called.

    12. Has America gone mad? How can any of us sit back and allow this young lady’s education and future to be derailed in this manner? As for me, I will be sending a letter to Polk County and I will email all of my contacts and ask them to do the same. This is an atrocity!

    13. I hope this bright student has bright parents who will get her very good legal representation. This is nothing but a ploy to destroy a promising student’s future.

    14. When does common sense prevail? This young lady obviously didn’t expect the results of the experiment nor was she trying to cause harm to anyone. It’s just a unfortunate situation all around.
      But, I agree – let’s rethink the decision to ruin a young and promising life.

    15. This is wrong in so many ways, you rather punish this girl and perhaps ruin the rest of her life placing this on her record. Someone needs to go back and rethink, if you are going to ask students to participate in science project place rules on the type of projects that are allowed in the school.

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