Detective Details Financial Woes of Jackson Doctor

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Martinez, who was lead investigator on Jackson’s death, said he discovered that Murray faced student loans, home loans, child support obligations and credit card payments that were in arrears in 2009. Panish said the debts totaled nearly $1 million.

Martinez said he found that Murray had eight children by seven different women and was supposed to be supporting all of them. He said the doctor was about to lose his home and his office in Las Vegas. Without his big payday from Jackson and AEG, he would have been in financial ruin, Martinez said, suggesting this caused him to disregard his medical oath.

Martinez testified he found most of the debts against Murray in public records that would have been readily available to AEG.

AEG denies it hired Murray, and it is likely to blame Jackson for insisting on having Murray as his doctor because of his dependence on propofol.

Millions and possibly billions of dollars are at stake in the trial, which may last 90 court days.

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2 thoughts on “Detective Details Financial Woes of Jackson Doctor

  1. Why is the production company responsible for making sure the doctor is legit instead of the person hiring the doctor, unless the patient is underage and by law is not capable of making his own decisions? If Michael Jackson, rest his soul, would not allow his family access to him, what on earth makes mamma Jackson think he would give the production company employees the power to hire and fire his doctors? Time to stop blaming everyone else and let MJ RIP.

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