2Pac’s Former Body Guard Found Dead

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  • According to AllHipHop.com  Frank Alexander, 2Pac’s former body guard who was present for the heyday of the Pac Death Row era, has passed away.

    Alexander was found dead in California and there are not a lot of known details surrounding the death. However, unconfirmed rumors are swirling that he took his own life.

    Alexander was one of the first to admit that he believed that notorious Death Row Music Mogul Suge Knight was involved in the death of Pac.

    Back in 2007, Alexander did an interview with AllHipHop.com and discussed his documentary called “Tupac Assasination.”

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    4 thoughts on “2Pac’s Former Body Guard Found Dead

    1. RENO2AC, you are so right!! Why the hell is Suges’ picture even shown?? I googled Frank Alexander to locate his picture. Stupid editor!!!

    2. Why is there a picture of Tupac and Suge Knight instead of Tupac and the bodyguard that the article is talking about??????

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