Star Jones: I’m Not Hating on “Scandal”

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“I love the storyline. I think most people know that one of my best friends is the impetus behind “Scandal” – Judy Smith. We just saw each other last week. I love, love Kerry. I don’t like what the storyline is but then again, this is fiction.  So kinda who cares? If you ask me about the storyline, I’m not a fan, ever, as a Christian woman, of watching anybody have an affair with a married man with children.

I don’t think that’s good. I don’t care if you’re Black, or White and I don’t know who does. Anybody who does, please don’t come to my house because next time I see you sitting with my man, I’m going to know you would steal him. Why are we even arguing about that? If you want to know about how fantastic Kerry  is in that role, she’s so next level it’s unbelievable.”

Given that Olivia Pope, played by Washington, is one of the only African-American professionals on TV, and the only to lead a network television drama (unless you count Meagan Good, who’s TV show “Deception” remains on the bubble for renewal next season) most would agree that her affair with a sitting president is also not the best look for a professional.

While on the TJMS, Jones dished a little advice for aspiring career women as well. A member of the National Association of Professional Women, a 400,000 strong membership with over 400 chapters nationwide, Jones said that the best advice she could give other career women is to be prepared.

“One of the things that is impressive to potential employers is that you have already done the work before you walk in the door. Not only should you have a nicely typed resume, and a good cover letter, you should have really put yourself out to learn something about the job or the industry that you’re interested in. You should have joined a networking organization. You should have done an internship. You should volunteer at conferences, meeting and seminars as sort of an aide so you can get to know people that are working in the industry that you are interested in working in.

“Theres no employer in the world that doesn’t  want to enhance their own business. They’re not hiring you just to provide you with an opportunity to grow. They are hiring you because they think you can help them make additional money.”

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18 thoughts on “Star Jones: I’m Not Hating on “Scandal”

  1. Watching Scandal’s Olivia Pope character it does make one wonder if Black women in high up positions do only date and sleep with white men, there isn’t anything disillusioned about that, in fact it maybe a reality! Wonder who Condi Rice was rolling with, never saw her with a Black man.

    • I hardly think that intelligent, thinking black people would “wonder” if black women in high positions only sleep with white men! What an insult!

      Facts are that the majority of black men and women (no matter how high up they are financially, are with black mates.

      No matter if they are or not, human beings, black folks and white folks have been getting together for generations, and will continue to do so.

      Like another poster stated, if people don’t like the show, don’t watch it.

      • To Msyellarose, True that, but I only mention this because the scandal story has a female lead character.

  2. Its a TV show people!!!! Watch ANY daytime soap and somebody is embroiled in an adulturous affair, interrracial or not, and soaps have been on longer than the 50+ years I’ve been alive. And women, yes, even Christian women, watch soaps without it changing their beliefs. Its escapism! Why is this such an issue in the AA community.

  3. Bring it down a peg Star. If Olivia went with the brother, it would not be “scandalous” and therefore no fun to watch. It’s fiction, we get that.

  4. Hence, the title “SCANDAL” did you think this would be a Christian series? Use common sense….it’s only a show, nothing to get bend out of shape over it’s entertainment only!

  5. Tami excellent comment!! AA are always focused. We always have to deal with our problems but we are entitled to fantasy and good writing, which Scandal is comprised of both. We aren’t robots, we are people. Plus that storyline ended with the Senator awhile back, why is Star tweeted about it now? That is only for publicity purposes.

  6. Buckwheats Momma I totally agree with you. I take offense to Star Jones comment because it perpetrates that Olivia has to choose the Senator because he was black. I’m sorry but to me, where is the outrage when we see prominent black male characters with non-black women characters. Believe me there is plenty on television. I’m sorry but it is not up to black women to keep black men, we need to take off our own burkhas and realize we too are free to date who we want, and fall in love with who we want. I love Olitz and know that Fitz is not in love with his wife, it is a marriage of convenience and position.

  7. Lighten up folks!

    It is a story from a writers imagination, and it is strickly for entertainment purposes, and not intended to “add more confusion” to anyone. Certainly black people could not be “distracted” from issues because of this story-line, and if they are then I just don’t know what to say. LOL!

    Ms. Rhimes gave Star the right answer: ” Because this show is not a fairy tale & Olivia is not a role model.”

    You folks have been watching white owned and written shows for decades, but now that a black woman has success, and can call the shots, there is a problem with that.It never fails.

    Hat’s off to you Ms. Rhimes. Keep on doing it!

    PS Star Jones would be the first to run to this show IF a role was offered to her. Give ma a break!

  8. The masses of black people are being distracted by fantasy while we still face major issues. This show is nothing but an attempt to add more confusion to the table the only message it sends is that immoral behavior is acceptable as long as some money and the illusion of power is gained. Which is the same mentality many of our lost brothers in the drug game had.

    • White folks aren’t confused by soap opera’s, Dallas, or the other sitcoms and movies that feature them. Are you saying that AA’s are so easily disillusioned that a television show would throw us off of our focus. If we are so easily mislead, we have much bigger problems.

      It seems like we are never happy. If we aren’t on television in a major role some of us complain we are being left out. If we are in a major role some of us complain that we are being confused. GYL!!!

      • THANK YOU!!

        Another intelligent comment!

        There seems to always be a problem no matter what we do!

    • For people who complain about the show — the simple solution is: Don’t watch it! It’s excellent writing; superb acting and Millions LOVE Scandal and preaching about its immorality isn’t going to change that!

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