R.I.P. AOL Music

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“Well, we all just got laid off. AOL Music is finished.”

“Well, at least I found a good reason to finish off the whiskey at my desk.”

Based on the Tweets coming out of those meetings, and the subsequent Tweets once those meetings were over, we think there must be  a lot of disillusioned journalists walking around right now. Both those who lost their jobs today, and those with jobs who are now wondering if it can happen to them on Monday the way it happened to their friends and colleagues today. Things just got real.

We think this last tweet of the day from AOL Radio sums it up the best;

“It’s a sad day here at @AOL. We’d like to say goodbye to our colleagues at @AOLMusic@TheBootdotcom@Noisecreep@Spinner and @TheBoombox

We’ll keep our journalist brethren in our thoughts as they go through this moment.

Originally seen on TheUrbanDaily.com 

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