Collins Comes Out; Let the Debate Begin

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Adams said for black folks, who already feel put upon because of race, coming out of the closet is simply a double whammy.

“We’ve had enough. First of all, we’re black,” Adams said. “When you do something bold and daring like [coming out] you have to deal with a lot of stuff… You’re already seen as not equal.”

While Collins is the first active player to come out, neither he nor former players who announced their orientation after their playing days were over, have the super-star stature of a LeBron or a Kobe.

Might they now be emboldened to come forward?

“They probably are going to wait and see how people treat Collins,” Adams said, noting that society has become more tolerant of gay rights issues and that sports is now the perfect arena to shoot down intolerance and hypocrisy.

He also took to task ESPN analyst Chris Broussard, who has said in the past that he believed the NBA was ready for an openly gay player, but more recently that some non-gay athletes might be uncomfortable showering alongside a gay teammate.

But he also said he believed that homosexuality was a sin and “walking in open rebellion to God and to Jesus Christ.”

“I hear these people talking about, ‘According to the Bible’ it is wrong; but what about guys and sports?” Adams said, referring to Broussard’s remarks. “C’mon. These guys are major ho’s. Are you aware of scriptures about fornication? That’s never mentioned in this conversation.”

So the debate has begun, but for Jason Collins the conversation can be held out loud.

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