Scandal’s Back: Now What?

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“I just remember thinking [executive producer Shonda Rhimes] is a genius. When I saw who Jasika plays, I was just extremely happy. I was also mostly happy for the audience because they’re going to love this episode and love this story line. Was that vague enough?”

Well, yeah, but we’re excited about tonight, too, if onliy becuause we’ve been feenin’ for a new Scandal these last two weeks. We have no idea what we’ll do with the summer without it – probably just watch reruns and cry with our friends. In the meantime, you know where we’ll be tonight at 10, right “Scandal-lites?” Well, unless Idris Elba asks us over for dinner or something. Join the live conversation at Tom Joyner’s Facebook page tonight where we’ll go in on “Scandal,” while the show airs.

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