Gloria Allred Dumps Shaquille O’Neal’s Former Mistress As Client

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  • According to Radar Online, attorney Gloria Allred has dropped Shaquille O’Neal‘s former mistress Vanessa Lopez as a client, citing fraud.

    Lopez is accusing O’Neal of invasion of privacy, racketeering and emotional distress.

    Radar Online, is reporting that Allred believes Lopez is fraudulent in her claims.

    The specific rule Allred is citing, is:

    “when a lawyer must decline or terminate representation, the representation will result in violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct or law, the client persists in a course of action involving the lawyer’s services that the lawyer reasonably believes is criminal or fraudulent, unless the client agrees to disclose and rectify the crime and or fraud, or the client has used the lawyer’s services to perpetrate as a crime or fraud, unless the client agrees to disclose and rectify the crime or fraud.”

    Lopez’s entire legal team motioned to withdraw their services, Lopez has not released an official statement on the story.

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