Farrakhan’s Son Mustapha in Trouble with Police Department

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  • Mustapha Farrakhan, the son of controversial Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, is in a bit of hot water with the Illinois Police Standards and Training Board.

    He’s been allegedly enjoying the privileges of a cop, though he’s not been working as one for years.

    The Chicago Sun Times reports that he drives an unmarked HPD squad car and is still registered as a police officer with the department.

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    One thought on “Farrakhan’s Son Mustapha in Trouble with Police Department

    1. Minister Farrakhan introduced the idea of a national united black treasury this year at Saviours Day and displayed how we could generate over 300 million dollars over night with just 18$ from each black person in America. However this site and many other so called black news sites said nothing but report this non story? Instead of promoting degrading shows like the Real Housewives and Scandal I think news sites like this should be used to discuss the many real issues that black people still face.

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