Beyonce Gets Slapped And Has Hair Pulled In Serbia! [Video]

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7 thoughts on “Beyonce Gets Slapped And Has Hair Pulled In Serbia! [Video]

  1. Fans are crazy about Beyonce in Belgrade! It was just sign of admiration and love, expressed with
    not controlled emotions, that’s all.

  2. What is up with the music??!! Horrible! Anyway, no Bey was not slapped but just being touched by overzealous fans. Nothing here to see…move on!

  3. @Anne your right it was just some crazy fans wanting to touch her, they proberly don’t really get a chance to see bey really at all but on TV, so if you look at the video bey knows, what its about ,she walks out into a crowd she knows what they are going to do,, I’m not even a fan of bey, but I like her when she was with Destiny child, but yes these are just crazy fans. wanting touch there there favorite artist. That was it. crazy fans wanting to get a touch or a feel, whatever the case may be…

  4. You all are so messy for using that headline despite your honest admission that it really looks like the person was just trying to touch her. I mean come on, did you all run out of real stories? You don’t have to jump on every negative ridiculous bandwagon!

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