75-Year-Old Grandma Gets 22 Years For Killing Grandson

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  • PONTIAC, Mich.  — A 75-year-old Detroit-area woman who killed her grandson expressed remorse Thursday but repeatedly accused his parents of dumping a troubled boy at her doorstep during a desperate, emotional plea to avoid a prison sentence that likely means death behind bars.

    The judge wasn’t swayed, sending Sandra Layne away for at least 22 years and capping a wrenching case that revealed family strife, adolescent rebellion and fatal consequences.

    Joanthan Hoffman was shot six times, including twice in the back, last spring in Oakland County’s West Bloomfield Township. Layne, a former teacher and real estate agent, said she shot him out of fear during a physical altercation, but a jury in March rejected her claim of self-defense and convicted her of second-degree murder.

    Prosecutors said there were no signs of Layne being injured by Hoffman. A recording of a 911 call shows him being shot again while pleading for help — a critical piece of evidence that jurors played over and over during deliberations. Judge Denise Langford Morris zeroed in on it, too, wondering why Layne simply didn’t call police if she felt helpless.

    “Grandmothers are supposed to protect. … Why did you keep shooting and how could you keep shooting?” Morris asked. “You didn’t have to keep shooting. Those were hollow-pointed bullets designed for a devastating impact.”

    Layne sobbed heavily during a long, rambling address to the judge, her belly chains and handcuffs sagging over orange jail clothes on her slight frame.

    “I’m sorry for what I did. I apologize to everyone I’ve hurt, everyone. … Sorry is too small a word,” she said, pleading with Morris to not allow her to die in prison.

    Layne’s minimum sentence for murder is 20 years, in addition to a two-year sentence for using a gun. She will get credit for 11 months served in jail. Any release from prison after serving the minimum would be determined by the Michigan parole board.

    Hoffman was living with his grandmother during his last year of high school while his parents lived in Arizona where a daughter was being treated for a brain tumor. He had a history of drug use and had tested positive for synthetic marijuana on the day of the shooting. Layne claimed he feared flunking probation and demanded money and a car to leave the area.

    Prosecutors, however, said Hoffman was wearing just shorts and socks when he was killed and had made plans to see a friend that night, not flee.

    Prosecutor Paul Walton, noting the minutes that went by before Layne shot the boy again, said he had never handled a homicide “this cold, this long and this calculating.”

    Hoffman’s father did not attend the hearing because he was in Arizona with his 16-year-old daughter, Jessica, who is recovering from a tumor. Michael Hoffman said the girl “has a hole in her heart to match the hole in her head” since her brother’s death.

    In a letter read by the prosecutor, the father said Layne “put on her war paint and came in gunning for my boy.” He accused Layne of killing his son because he was ready to move on after high school and she would no longer be able to control him.

    Layne’s daughter, Jennifer Hoffman, urged the judge to show no mercy.

    “She showed no mercy when she planned, stalked and murdered my son in his bedroom. Sandra Layne is pure evil and if given the opportunity would surely kill again,” Jennifer Hoffman said.

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    4 thoughts on “75-Year-Old Grandma Gets 22 Years For Killing Grandson

    1. They should have been taking care of their own deranged son. Michael Hoffman is a lowdown MF and his wife is a good for nothing daughter.. The grandmother dying in prison is not enough. People kill me putting the responsibility of their children on the grandparents. These people were too damn old to handle this damn fool on dope. Their are many parents who had to kill their adult children because they were out of control. And if you have never dealt with a out of control dope head you have no idea. Oakland county is wasting taxpayer dollars housing this woman who would never hurt anyone else. She never owned a gun and for her to go out and by one she had to fear for her life. I have seen and have almost been killed by a man who I knew who was strung out on dope. THE PARENTS SHOULD BEEN THE ONES CHARGED WITH ENDANGER THE LIVES OF THESE TWO SENOIRS. if I WAS HIS GRANDMOTHER AND HE PUT HIS HANDS ON ME I WOULD HAVE BLOWN HIS ASS AWAY TOO. I AM GLAD I DON’T HAVE DAUGHTER WITH NO BACKBONE. HE WAS WITH HIS GANDMOTHER FOR THE SAME REASON MOST KIDS LIVE WITH THEIR GRANGPARENTS BECAUSE THE PARENTS DIDNT OR COULDN’T CONTROL THEIR CHILDREN. AND FOR HIM TO FILE A LAWSUIT ONLY PROVES THAT HE IS THE GUILTY ONE. MONEY WON’T MAKE UP FOR THESE LOWDOWN PARENTS. THEY SHOULD HAVE HAD THEIR KIDS WITH THEM, I DON’T CARE IF THE MOTHER WAS ON HER DEATHBED. I HOPE THEY MEET THEIR JUNKY SON SOON. IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. SHAME ON YOU ALL.

    2. the biggest question is why didnt the parents take their child with them. It was not the grandmother’s responsibility. the parents should feel guilty as well.

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