Too Far, Tyrese

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It’s all about business, and numbers and popularity…no matter what kind of risk it is to your career.

You have to be smart enough to use the media in your favor and not let it use you to say something that could alienate you from the people who love and support what you do.

Some of Tyrese’s defenders say his words were taken out of context and if we had heard him for ourselves we would have been able to tell that he wasn’t being mean-spirited.

That may be true, but that’s the risk people take when they get too far out of their lanes.  I can name 10 comedians off the top of my head who could have said the same thing and gotten a huge laugh. But Tyrese isn’t a comedian. And while we’re on the topic of people getting caught up, let me say Jay-Z is not an Obama spokesman, and Dennis Rodman is not a diplomat or an ambassador or anything that should make him think he can represent the U.S. in North Korea.

There’s nothing wrong with stretching out and sharing your opinion about matters outside of your expertise. They each have every right to do that.

All three need to find a trusted soul who can help them listen to reason and keep them out of trouble. Where is Olivia Pope when we need her?

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