Kevin Hart Tweets Weekend DUI Arrest is a ‘Wake Up Call for Me’

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  • Funnyman and actor Kevin Hart is tweeting about his weekend arrest for drunk driving/DUI and resisting arrest.

    He says being arrested and put in detention early Sunday in Los Angeles was “a wake up call” and that he needs “to be smarter.”

    He said he did “6,000 push ups & 13,000 sit ups” while locked up,” and gave a shout out to his cell mate. He also joked about the arrest.

    “When the cop asked me to take the sobriety test I said “WHY WASTE OUR TIME…I’M DRUNK MAN,” he also tweeted.

    He also added: “On some real s— … drinking & driving is not a game or a laughing matter. People have lost lives because of stupid s—!”

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