Hijacker Hacks Into Cockpit Of Airplane With Smart Phone!

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So basically, don’t even ask if we’ll ever be allowed to use our phones to make calls on the plane anymore, those days are most assuredly over!

The manufacturer of the flight management system that Teso hacked, Honeywell, said;

“We take this seriously and we’re going to work with N.Runs (Teso’s employer) to assess this, But as Teso readily admits, the version he used of our flight management system is a publicly available PC simulation, and that doesn’t have the same protections against overwriting or corrupting as our certified flight software.”

Yeah ok, whatever! We’ll just say this, when we board our flights next week, we’re going to be looking around a whole lot more on that plane! People better put their darn phones away! What do you think? Does knowing about this make you nervous to fly? Take the poll and have your say!

Originally seen on TheUrbanDaily.com 

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