Scandal-Less: Five Things to Think About Until “Scandal” Returns

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2. HOW LONG DOES HUCK HAVE TO SUFFER? Huck has been waterboarded, locked in a storage room in a box and generally been treated like a stepchild and not the technology wiz and security expert he’s supposed to be. When will the man’s sufferings stop? And why do people care so much about a man who’s an acknowledged assassin who really, really like his whisky (wink, wink)?

3. WHY IS MELLIE SO CRAY CRAY? Like Fitz, we wonder if First Lady Mellie started out batshit crazy or did she get there along the way? Is she genuinely in love with Fitz, or in love with being thisclose to the halls of power? And if she started out this crazy, what was her childhood like because so far, although we know Big Jerry did damage to Fitz’ psyche, we have no idea how blue-blood Mellie got this way.

4. WHAT IS HARRISON’S STORY? Our personal favorite Harrison, the sharpest dressing gladiator we’ve ever seen – cause you know, togas are just so out of style these days – has some kind of loyalty to Olivia Pope. But why? We know he’s a lawyer and he was in jail and all, but we don’t know much more. Does he have a secret thing for Olivia? Is she his sister, play cousin or baby mama? We really want to know. Shonda Rhimes has said that yes, Harrison does have a back story but it won’t be told until Season 3. Well, the good news in that is that there will be a Season 3, but dang Shonda, can you throw us a bone before then?

5. WILL FITZ AND OLIVIA EVER RIDE OFF INTO THE SUNSET TOGETHER? Okay, so we figure “Scandal” has a good five-year run, which means there are three seasons left. Figuring that Fitz will win reelection, that means that there’s all this time left for Fitz and Olivia to fuss, fight and well, you know. But could these two ever be happy together? Welllllll, we don’t know. Show creator Shonda Rhimes let Derek and Meredith on “Grey’s Anatomy” be together, although it seems like they’ve been suffering ever since. So do Fitz and Pope have a chance to be together? Yes, but how? Will he scandal-ize the universe divorcing Crazy Mellie and marrying his black mistress? Or will Olivia wake up and run off to the comfortable life in the burbs with Edison? (Hey I must the only “Scandal” viewer who liked the guy.) Only time will tell.

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