Lighten Up

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    Okay folks, I am going to go ahead and just ask a question that apparently is on a lot of folks’ minds these days.

    And that is this: What’s the deal with this whole skin lightening stuff, especially in Hollywood…? And who is actually responsible for turning the beautiful copper and chocolate brown tones of our leading stars into something less than?

    Well a number of folks are asking this question after seeing the cover of Entertainment Weekly that featured a visibly ‘paler-toned’ version of Scandal star Kerry Washington.

    Several web writers began pointing out the star’s faded color and suggesting what they felt was behind it. Jessica Wakeman, a contributor for the popular women’s website The Frisky, was one of the first to point it out, saying that the talented actress was “looking a lot lighter-skinned.”

    Wakeman went on to reference the recent and similar controversy surrounding soulful songstress India Arie whose cover image from her new single Cocoa Butter showed a lighter version of the ironically-proud singer of the self-affirming tune, Brown Skin.

    Arie denied lightening her complexion in any way, saying it was a result of the lighting.

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