Are Guns Necessary? Araminta Harriet Ross Would Say ‘Yes’ and So Should You

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Nervous Nellie Negroes tend to forget that the first thing Robert Franklin Williams did when he rejuvenated an NAACP chapter in Monroe, N.C., during the 1950s was to apply for an NRA charter. He got one.

After organizing Monroe blacks into routing KKK hoodlums that tried to shoot up Monroe’s black community in 1957, Williams had to appear in court several times. At one point, he told the judge he was a “card-carrying member” of the NRA.

Williams’ advocating that blacks arm themselves for self-defense caused skittishness among white liberals and the NNN’s of his day. Those NNN’s and white liberals were only too content to leave Monroe’s blacks to the tender mercies of the KKK.

The organization that did have the backs of Monroe’s blacks was the NRA.

Like Williams, Araminta Harriet Ross was not afraid to carry. Today’s NNN’s want to forget that. Several years ago, the Associated Black Charities group in Baltimore commissioned an artist to paint a mural on their building.

The mural depicted Ross carrying a rifle, which caused some consternation with the ABC’s NNN contingent.

“It might send the wrong message,” one of them lamented to me.

“What message might that be?” I answered. “That historical accuracy is something to be avoided?

Here was a sister that had to take slaves – sometimes as many as a dozen at a time – north through hostile territory where slave patrols roamed all the time. And today’s NNN’s expected her to do that UNARMED?

And slave patrols weren’t the only reason Ross carried. She used that handgun to persuade slaves who’d lost their nerve and wanted to turn back south to continue pressing north.

In her book Clinton told of one incident where a man escaping with Ross refused to move north with the others. He changed his mind after Ross put her pistol to his head and ordered him to “Move or die!”

I wonder what Araminta Harriet Ross would have to say about today’s crop of frightened NNN’s.

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8 thoughts on “Are Guns Necessary? Araminta Harriet Ross Would Say ‘Yes’ and So Should You

  1. Thank you, Gregory Kane. I work with a large contingent of NNNs here in Greensboro, NC. As a matter of fact, I had just had a conversation about 30-minutes ago with a co-worker about Robert Williams, a Monroe, NC resident, and the group known as the Deacons for Defense and Justice, formed in Louisiana during the late 50s and 60s, to combat the KKK. I’m glad your article highlighted the actions of the NRA. I recently found out about this, also, and assistance they extended to Mr. Williams here in NC. This article won’t change many minds, since so many of us, especially those pacifist “community leaders,” have been conditioned not to defend themselves and to blame guns, not environmental community conditions, totally responsible for the violent carnage in our communities. I remember similar “blame the gun” comments being made in a December 2012 episode of Rev Sharpton’s show, Politic Nation. I don’t use the term “gun crime.” I call it what it is, criminal activity and murder. This article is a definite keeper.

  2. Are guns necessary? Sure ain’t no non-violent army in Iraq or Afghanistan. Those Nervous Nellie Negroes will get Black people killed.

  3. It’s not that NNN’s forget history it’s just they are ignorant when it comes to facts of history
    On an episode of Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation he chastised a guest for suggesting blacks should
    Have had more access to guns in the past… maybe Al should read this article.
    NRA, Tea party, Republicans Racist? Well when Liberals don’t have an intellectual response it’s easer
    To just play the RACE card

  4. “Ever since the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., we have seen a crop of what I call Nervous Nellie Negroes spring up on the matter of gun control.”

    True dat!!!! What I’m trippin on is these Black folks jumping on the gun control bandwagon, I wonder what do Black people get out of it. Will gun control take guns from Black people that’s going around whyling in the Black community. Since Black folks that are down with gun control are not addressing Blacks and guns specifically, they just hope to get some crumbs.

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