National Urban League: Wealth Gap Between Blacks and Whites Widens

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  • “In 1963, more than a quarter-million people came together in Washington, DC for The Great March for Jobs and Freedom, a watershed moment in black history. As we commemorate the 50th Anniversary of this event and reflect on the progress we’ve made toward economic equality, we are faced with the sobering truth that—while much has been achieved—so much more needs to be done.” – Marc H. Morial, President & CEO, National Urban League

    For Marc Morial, one of the most pressing issues facing African Americans in 2013 is the widening wealth gap between blacks and whites.

    “These conditions have not changed,” Morial said in an interview with

    On Wednesday, Morial will release the National Urban League’s annual State of Black America report, “Redeem the Dream,” which will outline in detail the economic challenges confronting black Americans 50 years after Dr. Martin Luther King’s historic March on Washington.

    While Morial said there are more black high school graduates than 50 years ago, and less black people living in poverty than in 1963, the wealth gap between blacks and whites remains a critical problem in the fight for economic parity.

    “In this report,” Morial said, “we also offer solutions.”

    The solutions include a five-year initiative to expand job training programs, lobbying Congress to enact social justice legislation, and working closer with the NAACP, black pastors, and Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network to help improve the quality of life for black people.

    “We’re working with this generation’s civil rights leaders to inspire and empower the black community,” Morial said. “We’re not sitting on the sidelines.”

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    8 thoughts on “National Urban League: Wealth Gap Between Blacks and Whites Widens

    1. Please read the new book” The Unfinished Business of the Civil Rights Movement:Failure of A merica’s Public Schools to Properly Educate its African American Student P9opulations..” Black America is in a ” State of Emergency without a Sense of Urgency..”

    2. Until we as black people start putting more of a value on education than on shoes, clothes, cars and the latest fads, the gap will remain. Until we start saving more money and teaching our kids the same, the gap will remain. Until we start attacking this problem from a two parent home and not a single parent home, the gap will remain. Until we stop supporting these politicians who do no more in our communities than give face time right before election time with all the promises that they will do different and once elected not held accountable for their actions against us, the gap will remain. But most important until our black men educate themselves and strive to educate his family on numerous ways to build, obtain,maintain and pass on wealth to the next generation of his kids, the gap will always remain.

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    4. There are people out there who are working on a solution. There is a movement but it’s small and they need help… check out this documentary called Runaway Slave. A perpetual state of welfare exists in the U.S., creating a form of modern slavery for a large percentage of African-Americans. Rev. C.L. Bryant presents an insightful and compelling look at how freedom can be restored.

    5. And things are going to stay like this until we make education and personal responsibility our goal. Encourage our children to go into science, technology and the skilled trades instead of sports and music.

    6. I’m sorry, but black people have been on the planet longer than any other race, they will never catch up. Trying to keep up with other races is futile and it’s never going to happen, if it hasn’t happened by now, then it never will. It’s like this all over the world not just in the U.S., there is no successfully run black nation or country… it doesn’t exist. Just make the most of what you have, do what you can and do it well, and find success where you can… stop trying to keep up, it’s embarrassing.

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