Kanye West Hit With A Copyright Lawsuit

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  • Kanye West is the center of a new, kind of ridiculous, lawsuit.

    Eight years after the release of his hit “Gold Digger,” the rapper is being sued for allegedly sampling a portion of “Bumpin’ Bus Stop” without permission.

    Now, the song up for discussion is a record written and sang by an artist named David Pryor in 1974. According to reports, Pryor’s two children, Trena Steward and Lorenzo Pryor, each own a quarter of the song and claim Mr. West used an uncleared snippet of their father’s track.

    TMZ reports if you carefully listen to the track “you can hear what’s allegedly Pryor’s voice say “Get down” three times, echoing Kanye’s line, “Get down girl, get down, get down.”

    But, here’s where the lawsuit gets crazy. Instead of simply suing for royalties and damages, Stewart and Pryor are also requesting that a judge stop the sale of the records all together. Really?

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    4 thoughts on “Kanye West Hit With A Copyright Lawsuit

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    2. This is what happens when you use somebody else’s material without permission. With that being said, how is he going to step to Ray J; when his baby momma is married to another man??? Kim is the one that opened the door for Ray J to piss in her wheaties whenever he feels like it.

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