Canceled Joe Brown Says He Never Got His Promised $20 Million

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  • Judge Joe Brown is not going quietly into the night. He’s telling his side of the story regarding the end of his syndicated court show, which he claims was canceled by CBS Television Distribution over some ol’ “Hollywood trick economics.”

    In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Brown says he was promised an annual salary of $20 million, but never got more than $5 million a year.

    As previously reported, “Judge Joe Brown” will end its 15-season run next month because Brown could not reach an agreement with CBS on a new contract. There were reports that the sticking point was a “salary disagreement,” with CBS seeking to cut Brown’s compensation because ratings are down for his show.

    But Brown says that there was no salary disagreement because he has not gotten a salary for the last seven years. He says that his deal was for a split of revenues with CBS. The problem, he says, came in defining how the money is to be split and how much in fees the distributor would get. “Hollywood trick economics and accounting will show something a little less,” charges Brown, “because they take a great deal out of it.”

    Brown says some of the money his show made was plowed into the development of other CBS shows — including a court show with Nancy Grace — most of which, he says, “flopped.”

    “The truth of the matter is they didn’t offer me a reduction in salary,” Brown tells THR. “They actually were offering me [improved terms] of a 50-50 split with them. The issue basically was the adjustments to gross income.” By that, Brown means how CBS accounts for the revenue and the fees it takes to cover its costs, distribution and other fees.

    CBS Television Distribution produces and distributes both “Judge Judy” and “Judge Joe Brown,” which ranks as No. 2 in the ratings out of more than a dozen legal and court programs.

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    9 thoughts on “Canceled Joe Brown Says He Never Got His Promised $20 Million

    1. For all you beefing that Judge Brown should have taken what they gave, that’s what’s wrong with this country now. As long as some people get a tidbit they’re satisfied. They don’t realize that the other side is getting the lion’s share. I am glad he stood up for himself. Why should he allow CBS to use his name, image and the money they accumulate while they use it to prop up other shows. Do your thing Judge!

    2. Well I guess I could not live off of 5 million dollars a year! Anyway he and stupid Judge Judy make too much money and as far as i am concerned they both make a mockery of the system,He is ignorant and loud and she is ignorant and tries to be poised while she is yelling at people both of them yelling at people to me is just stupid i don’t watch either one of them and will not miss her or him if they go away. And did he think for a minute that they would give him what they gave her PLEASE did he forget he is Black?

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      • Don’t watched Judge Brown, thought he let people talk to him any kind of way. Judge Mathis and Judge Judy are my favorites.

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