Chris Rock Joining Cast Of “Real Husbands Of Hollywood” [VIDEO]

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3 thoughts on “Chris Rock Joining Cast Of “Real Husbands Of Hollywood” [VIDEO]

  1. Oh NO please Chris don’t join Husbands of hollywood you are way passed that, please NO,,
    don’t sell yourself that cheap, that is the most ignorant show , and it has no reason to really be on
    Television, please don’t do chris………

    • You are sooooo wrong about this show. I think the show is awesome and way better than a lot of Rock’s most recent watered down roles’ he has had. Now maybe we can see the “real Chris” again.

      • @candygirl this show is the most ignorant, shows on national TV, and you know it, Chis rock has paid his dues he does not need a low rated, silly ass show to show his real self , your not going to see the Real Chris
        because the show is not based on being real, there is nothing real about this show,, Please give me a break. Kevin hart is stupid as hell, Our culture just seems to be just getting worse and worse. and you have seen kevin hart already in a dress and a wig, on SNL. I knew it wouldn’t be long before they had him in a dress. Rock does not need this kind of embarrassment, trust me,, I hope he rethinks it.

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