Black Executive Sues Fox Sports for Discrimination

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  • In a lawsuit filed Friday (April 5) in Los Angeles Superior Court, a veteran African American executive accuses Fox Sports Corporate Group of racial discrimination, claiming it currently employs 34 executives above the VP level – and not one of them is black.

    A lawyer for plaintiff Jerry Davis alleges in the lawsuit, “Indeed, to the best of Mr. Davis’s knowledge, no Black person has ever held any position at or above vice president in that division’s entire 19-year existence. Representation of Black individuals in leadership positions in other sports divisions at FOX is, and always has been, similarly abysmal. During the course of its existence, Fox Sports, through its various divisions and entities, has intentionally maintained a practice of directly and indirectly favoring the hiring and/or promotion of non-Black and non-minority employees at senior levels without any legitimate reason. Mr. Davis is a direct victim of this discriminatory practice.”

    Davis’ lawsuit describes himself as a 52-year-old African-American man, Berkeley grad, star athlete, and experienced music professional who was employed by Fox Sports for 15 1/2-years (from August 1997 to February 2013) as a director in the Fox Sports music department.

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