He’s Got Issues: Busta Rhymes Accused of Homophobic Rant at South Beach Burger Joint

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“He got very upset when we wouldn’t take his order first when he was the last one to come in. We treat everyone as equals here at CBB. You can’t skip the line of ten people waiting in front of you,” Vitori explains.

Instead, he returned to his car to wait for his order. But after his food was delivered to him in the car, Vitori says, “He came back in the restaurant and started becoming outwardly angry. He was calling our delivery driver Santiago a ‘fag’ multiple times, and me a ‘bitch’ and [telling] me ‘to shut the f*ck up’ because we put his salt, pepper, ketchup, and mayo — that he asked for — on the side.

It’s not exactly a secret that Busta has serious anger issues. In 2006, according to MTV, an autograph seeker claimed that the rapper and his bodyguard, Troy Green, beat him with their “hands and fists for no rhyme or reason” after he approached the pair asking for an autograph. The next year, his driver claimed that Busta attacked him.

(Photo: Retna)

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