If Beverly Hall Were Your Child’s Teacher, Should She Go to Jail?

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“Because there is a single-minded purpose, and that purpose is to cheat to manipulate the grades, what we are alleging is that she was a full participant in that conspiracy,” Paul Howard, Atlanta’s District Attorney, said about Hall.  “Without her, the conspiracy could not have taken place.”

Hall was also charged with theft because prosecutors said some of the bonuses Hall received – about $580,000 — were also tied to falsified scores.

One former Atlanta teacher broke her silence and told prosecutors that Hall ruled the school district by fear and threatened to fire teachers who refused to join Hall’s illegal operation. The teacher said Hall would force educators to erase lower grades on tests and replace them with higher grades. Hall told principals and teachers that falling short was not acceptable. “Their performance was criticized,” the indictment said, “their jobs were threatened, and some were terminated.”

Hall, through her attorney, has denied the charges against her and said she had no involvement in the cheating scandal.

In a video message to schools staff before she retired in the summer of 2011, Hall warned that the state investigation would likely reveal “alarming” behavior.

“It’s become increasingly clear that a segment of our staff chose to violate the trust that was placed in them,” Hall said. “There is simply no excuse for unethical behavior and no room in this district for unethical conduct. I am confident that aggressive, swift action will be taken against anyone who believed so little in our students and in our system of support that they turned to dishonesty as the only option.”

Really? Who was she talking about?

Hall is clearly in denial  and desperately needs to be taught a lesson about integrity, honesty, and how her crimes against Atlanta’s unsuspecting public school children could adversely impact their lives for years to come.

Shame on Hall.

Perhaps sending her to prison will send a clear message to other would-be public school con artists and prevent these crimes of betrayal from ever happening again.

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