MLK King Legacy for Sale?

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  • There are two sides to every story, I know.  So, when I hear about the in-fighting, the lawsuits and what appears to be greed coming out of the MLK family’s camp, I’m trying to keep an open mind.  But it isn’t easy.

    The latest is that the surviving children of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King have refused to grant the MLK foundation a license to continue to use Dr. King’s name.  They’re not allowing it even though the foundation raised the $100 million dollars  needed to build the statue dedicated to the civil rights icon.

    The King family, which consists of Martin III, Dexter and Rev. Bernice King, rightfully control the copyrights to their father’s images and words.  So, it isn’t so much what they’re doing that’s questionable. It’s the way they’re going about it.

    In fairness to them they are the sole heirs of a man who gave so much to so many but died without a will and no instructions on how his financial affairs should be handled. In order to manage their dad’s estate, the King family formed a corporation, King Inc.

    It doesn’t appear that any of the King children have great earning capacity, and I assume they receive their primary income from the family business.  I’m sure if anyone was to benefit from his legacy, Dr. King would want it to be his children.

    But I wonder if the three of them have ever wondered what THEIR legacy will be? Right  now, it doesn’t look like one that brings honor and pride to the memory of someone as great as their father. While not perfect, no one can deny Dr. King’s commitment, dedication to the civil rights cause and the personal sacrifices he made.  I often say the reason so many people who came behind Dr. King could never live up to what he accomplished is because they were trying too hard to be great.

    Dr. King wasn’t seeking to be great or to have a great fortune. But now it looks like money is the only thing his family is really passionate about.

    The MLK Memorial Foundation has paid King Inc. $2.7 million to use the likeness of Dr. King and his words on the memoriam. According to an article in “Roland Martin Reports,” the King family has removed all of Dr. King’s books from the memorial’s bookstore because they wanted to reap all profits from the merchandising.

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    3 thoughts on “MLK King Legacy for Sale?

    1. finally!!! i agree with tom on something. if it wasn’t for the fact of how much their father is in their actual faces, i would NOT even believe these were his children!!!! they certainly don’t represent Dr. King in honor, respect, heart, and spirit. i would be ashamed to behave this way and still claim the legacy of such an awesome and RESPONSIBLE MAN. the very thought of what their parents must say to each other about their progeny—breaks my heart. i’m sure that they love their children, but i cannot fathom that they have any reason to be proud of them!!!

    2. This is truly sad,all that the King children care about is money.Maintaining the late Dr. King’s legacy with dignity and class should be there first priority,not the dollar bill.

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