There are two things that I want to talk about this morning and I need you to help me take action on both of them.

First I need to ask you if you know the name Ernest Hoskins Jr. If you do, you know that he was a 21- year-old who worked at a green technology firm near Ward, Arkansas and was a recent husband, and father of an adopted daughter with a child on the way.

If you have never heard of him you probably don’t know that on Nov. 9, he attended a lunch at his bosses house with three other co-workers. I’m sure you don’t know that during that lunch his boss, who he got along with pulled a 44 Magnum out (no one can say why), aimed it at Ernest’s face (who incidentally was the only black at the table), pulled the trigger, and while un-cocking the gun “accidentally” shot Ernest in the face, ultimately killing him.

The boss, Chris Reynolds, was not arrested for 17 days until pressure from the family brought some media attention. But now the special prosecutor has reduced the initial charge from one count of first-degree murder and two counts of aggravated assault to second-degree murder. Witnesses say there was no argument, no debates, and that none of them know why the gun was retrieved. But all admit that Ernest was shot by Reynolds.

In what world can you point blank shoot a man and not be arrested for 17 days. If it was not an accident that you pointed the gun in is face, and you were not under medication or magic that made you pull the trigger then it is not an accident that this father, husband, son, and brother is dead weeks before he and Nikki were scheduled to publicly celebrate their recent wedding. Instead Nikki and his mother were planning a funeral.

Ernest’s wife Nikki, and his mother, Monica Hoskins, need your help to ensure that justice is done. There is a petition on calling for Gov. Beebe to demand Special Prosecutor Jack McQuary to properly charge Christopher Reynolds with 1st degree murder in Ernest Hoskins Jr.’s death.

To sign the petition, please visit the link here. We need the TJMS family to give them 5000 signatures and help Justice be done.

I must reiterate lasts week’s commentary about talking to our kids. A song was just released called “You ain’t even know it”, with a Rick Ross lyric saying:

“Put molly all in her champagne/ She ain’t e’en know it/ I took her home and enjoyed that/ She ain’t e’en know it”.

Our sons and daughters will hear this and countless other lyrics condoning violence against women. WE MUST STOP THIS MESS. Read my full opinion on the lyrics here.

Sign the petition for Ernest Today, talk to your kid tonight and that’s YOUR Truth.

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