Aaliyah’s Music the Focus of Two Lawsuits

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Meanwhile, another lawsuit, filed last month by music producer Jeffery Walker II (aka J-Dub), accuses Blackground Records, Barry Hankerson, his son Jomo Hankerson, and Black Fountain Music in Georgia claiming that he is owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties from working on Aaliyah’s music back in 2000 and 2001.

Aaliyah’s projects were released on Blackground Records, which was started by her uncle Barry Hankerson. The label is currently a part of Universal Music Group.
Walker claims he never received royalty checks between 2003-2011, because the Hankersons forged his signature, cashed those royalty checks intended for him, and then deposited the money in Blackground Records’ account.

As a result he was taxed on income he never received and now owes the I.R.S. taxes on $262,580 worth of income from 2004-2011. He says the Hankersons cost him nearly $500,000 in total.

Walker’s complaint does state that Blackground records subsidiary Black Fountain Music was purchased by Reservoir Media Management in 2012.

Both cases are still pending.

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