CONVICTED: 2 Ohio Football Players Head to Jail For Raping Girl

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  • STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (AP) — Two members of Steubenville’s celebrated high school football team were found guilty Sunday of raping a drunken 16-year-old girl, and Ohio’s attorney general warned the case isn’t over, saying he is investigating whether coaches, parents and other students broke the law, too.

    Trent Mays, 17, and Ma’Lik Richmond, 16, were sentenced to at least a year in juvenile prison in a case that has rocked this Rust Belt city of 18,000 and led to allegations of a cover-up to protect the Steubenville High team, which has won nine state championships. Mays was ordered to serve an additional year for photographing the underage girl naked.

    They can be held until they turn 21.

    The two broke down in tears after a Juvenile Court judge delivered his verdict. They later apologized to the victim and the community, Richmond struggling to speak through his sobs.

    “My life is over,” he said as he collapsed in the arms of his lawyer.

    The crime, which took place after a party last summer, shocked many in Steubenville because of the seeming callousness with which other students took out their cellphones to record the attack and gossiped about it online. In fact, the case came to light via a barrage of morning-after text messages, social media posts and online photos and video.

    “Many of the things we learned during this trial that our children were saying and doing were profane, were ugly,” Judge Thomas Lipps said.

    Immediately after the verdict, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said he will convene a grand jury next month to investigate whether anyone else should be charged. Noting that 16 people refused to talk, many of them underage, DeWine said possible offenses to be investigated include failure to report a crime.

    “This community desperately needs to have this behind them, but this community also desperately needs to know justice was done and that no stone was left unturned,” he said.

    Among those who have been interviewed are the owners of one of the houses where parties were held that night, the high school principal, and the football team’s 27 coaches, many of them volunteers.

    Text messages introduced at the trial suggested the head coach was aware of the rape allegation early on. DeWine said coaches are among officials required by state law to report child abuse. The coach and the school district have repeatedly declined to comment.

    Mays and Richmond were charged with penetrating the West Virginia girl with their fingers, first in the back seat of a moving car after a mostly underage drinking party on Aug. 11, and then in the basement of a house.

    “They treated her like a toy,” prosecutor Marianne Hemmeter said.

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    4 thoughts on “CONVICTED: 2 Ohio Football Players Head to Jail For Raping Girl

    1. I don’t know much about this case, only what was in this article. So how was the girl to blame, because she was drunk and couldn’t figure things out? Were the boys also drunk? Boys should not fall for “Delilah” but boys should also not put themselves in that predicament. She could have been acting like whatever, that didn’t mean they had to do what they did. These kids be quick to say the punishment is not of the crime when they never thougth they were doing anything wrong to begin with. Social media is going to be the end of a lot of children. Parents more worried about how they kids will be left out of certain clicks, instead of not letting them partake in this craziness. Are trying to be the best parents on the block who is cool, or good better than being parents who don’t get wrapped up in this foolishness?

    2. Felicia I agree. The mother of the young lady had a lot of nerve calling the boys immoral when her daughters actions were rachet at best. What message are we sending young ladies when we ignore actions that could have easily changed the outcome of that night for her. Also I do not think it’s fair that some of the young people that could have and should have reported or stopped what was happening did nothing but record and spread this travesty will get immunity while others will be potentionally prosecuted.

    3. That is what happens when you fall into temptation. Fathers and mothers have to instruct their boys not to fall for “Delilah”. And Fathers and mothers need to instruct their daughters to not turn into “Delilah”, and to be chaste and proper and lady-like. I feel for the boys, but they got what they deserved. The punishment was fair, unfortunately the girl gets off completely, and that is not fair. She is just as guilty as the boys, and that is sad.

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