N.J. Cops Investigated For Making Gangsta Rap Videos

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  • A group of New Jersey officers from the Irvington Police Department are being investigated for creating rap videos, which feature them yelling homophobic slurs and threatening rivals with violence.

    In one video for a song called “Temper Like An Alcoholic,” artist “Gat The Great (pictured) carries a gun on his hip; another man even swings a medieval mace.

    In another video, “Gat” appears in a fur coat while rapping from inside of a fancy-looking car. He refers to himself as a “felon for life,” warning other lyricists that they may “meet (his) Smith & Wesson” while pretending to shoot a gun at the camera.

    Though, Gat The Great is no gangster; he is actually Officer Maurice Gattison and the president of Irvington’s police union. The other three artists flanking Gattison in his “Temper Like An Alcoholic” video are also township officers.

    The Irvington Police Department is looking into the matter.

    “The Irvington Police Department has standards of conduct that apply to on-duty and off-duty behavior,” Police Director Joseph Santiago, who is leading the investigation, told the N.J. Star-Ledger

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    4 thoughts on “N.J. Cops Investigated For Making Gangsta Rap Videos

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