Morris Chestnut Makes “The Call”

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“I think most of the women in the world — and maybe a few men — would think I was the lucky one, since I get to kiss Morris Chestnut!” Berry told The Chicago Sun-Times.” Leading ladies aside, what else makes Chestnut, who got his big break as Ricky Baker in “Boyz In the Hood” over two decades ago, pick a film is the writing and what jumps off the page.

“To me, it’s always about the script. If someone were to come to me – let’s say eight years ago – and said I have a concept in which a pimp wants to be a rapper. I would have said no, that doesn’t sound good,” Chestnut told And then Terrence Howard is nominated for Best Actor in ‘Hustle & Flow.’

So I don’t say there is one particular role that I wouldn’t play or not, it really depends on the script. You can hear the most outrageous concepts, but until you read the script, it doesn’t matter. I’ve heard concepts that are phenomenal, but then I get the script and I can’t get past the first ten pages. Specifically, I’d probably like to do more action roles. But what’s for me, is for me. I’ve had opportunities that didn’t work out, and so I’m just going to keep it moving.”

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