Little Known Black History Fact: The Casey’s for Mayor

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  • In the town of Dixmoor, Illinois, there is a family rivalry going on between Wendy Casey and her son Randall Casey. They are both running for Mayor. The candidates are running against two additional opponents, Dorothy Armstrong and Keevan Grimmett, who has been called a favorite to win. The historical mother-son mayoral run in Dixmoor is a messy one; primarily because the two Casey’s still live together. Randall Casey, who is 27 years old and a local cable technician, pays his mother monthly rent.

     Wendy Casey, 45, is a community activist. Randall follows in his father’s footsteps, Donald Luster, who served as Dixmoor Mayor until 2004 when he was convicted of unemployment benefits fraud. Luster publicly supports his son in the race.

    Dixmoor, Illinois is south of Chicago with a small population of about 3900. The town is roughly 57% African-American. The people of Dixmoor have been said to be split, with some opposing the family run for office, calling it a distraction. The Casey’s are clearly in a divided household and they avoid political conversations. Wendy Casey has admitted that she believes her son may have stolen a campaign strategy idea because she talks loudly on the telephone.

    The town of Dixmoor will go to the polls on April 9th to determine the winner of the election.

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