Follow The Money, It’s in the NRA’s Pockets

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We can’t even depend on some teachers  to refrain from having sex with their teenage students, now we want to put guns in their hands.  A break up between the algebra teacher and 9th grade Timmy could get very ugly!

Last week the NRA spokesman said Black people need more guns.  This time instead of following the money, let’s follow the racism.  There are only two reasons he wants black to have more guns… encourage black on black crime and 2.  because the majority of gun violence perpetuated by Black people happens in black cites and neighborhoods.  Not their hood not their problem, right?

And that’s why we…the people are most likely to be victims of shootings. We should be protesting the loudest about gun reform.

Let’s face it, the lobbyist, manufacturers, politicians and others who are getting fat wallets from the sales of guns are counting on  the fact that neither they or any of their family members will ever be shot. The odds are probably in their favor.

All you have to do is read an urban newspaper and you’ll see that we aren’t as lucky.

Meanwhile, as the debate goes on, gun sales are off the chain.  Many of the purchasers are  reacting to the messages from right wing media, including Christian radio, that President Obama is coming for their guns. So combine the fact that we already have a track record of the Stand Your Ground Law working against us; we also have angry, gun-toting people ready to wage a war because they think the President is after their guns.

Sorry to say this, but it is becoming more and more dangerous to be black in America… or anywhere. Let’s get these guns off the streets!

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6 thoughts on “Follow The Money, It’s in the NRA’s Pockets

  1. So here’s an idea – we should enact a law that allows – and requires – any organization that manufactures or sells sells guns to the public 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

    Law abiding citizens who wish to own guns may own guns. Those who wish to manufacture guns may manufacture guns. Those who wish to advocate for gun ownership may advocate for gun ownership.

    Taking corporate profits out of the equation will eliminate the corruption and greed that blocks sensible gun control and safety laws.

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  4. follow the money in Rappers pockets follow the money in promoter’s pockets,record company’s pockets NRA is NOT the problem just the excuse. where I live we have open carry and yes there is crime but I do have a chance to protect myself like must celebrity’s that surround themselves with Armed security

  5. Tom is an idiot! It is a known fact … where you find people who have guns for protection they are highly less likely to be attacked and robbed. The highest areas of gun violence are in areas were it is illegal for law abiding citizens to protect themselves. I conceal carry and have firearms in my house…. i will protect myself and if someone tries to rape me or break into my house they are going to find themselves DEAD!

  6. If Teachers can be ARMED in their work place, then why can’t Letter Carriers? Carriers face just as many threats, if not more and are not allow to be ARMED!!

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