Casey Anthony Pregnant With Another Child?

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Having someone support her is not hard to believe being that she hasn’t had income in months, therefore is completely broke. Reports say she has been living on unsolicited gift cards and donations, and funds given to her by her former attorney, Jose Baez.

There’s no surprise people are up and arms even at the possibility of Anthony being pregnant again. The Enquirer states there is a group of concerned citizens who have created a petition to force Casey to be sterilized, and should she have another baby, they will apparently argue that the child should be turned over to social services.

Although her pregnancy has not been confirmed, it doesn’t look good for her if she is.

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4 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Pregnant With Another Child?

  1. I can only hope Casey is pregnant with a child, she was so great with the first who drown in her grandparents swimming pool.

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