FANATIC HATRED: Bigots’ Ugly Double-Standard in Wanting to ‘Slit’ Michael Vicks’ Throat

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    Fanatics want to kill Michael Vick.

    Vick, the embattled Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, was forced to cancel his book signing tour this week because of mounting death threats.

    His book is called “Finally Free,” but apparently some people still want Vick to pay for his previous mistakes.

    The bigots won’t leave Vick alone. He paid his debt to society and now it’s time for the radicals to get over it and let Vick get on with his life.

    But sadly, the hatred toward Vick has only gotten worse and is now beyond ugly.  Here are some recent comments from the Barnes & Noble Facebook page:

    “I would go there to slit your throat knowing how you treat animals.”

    “hope your kids don’t fall in a pool with a battery.”

    “I would snap your neck if I met you, your [sic] a piece of trash.”

    In 2007, Vick was sentenced to two years in federal prison on felony dog fighting charges – a punishment I believed never fit the crime. In fact, it was a waste of taxpayer dollars to incarcerate Vick; the brother got a raw deal.

    But since his release from prison in 2009, Vick, I believe, has turned his life around. He signed a lucrative contract with the Eagles and has played four seasons in the NFL since he’s been free.  His coaches say Vick has an impeccable work ethic and he has emerged as a team leader in the locker room and a role model off the field.

    Meanwhile, his publisher said there are too many bigoted people who may want to hurt Vick, which forced the cancellation of book signings at Barnes & Noble stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Atlanta.

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    34 thoughts on “FANATIC HATRED: Bigots’ Ugly Double-Standard in Wanting to ‘Slit’ Michael Vicks’ Throat

    1. FANATIC???
      Yea several million of us. This lowlife scumbag asshole and all others like him just need to die. The world would be a better place and much safer for any animals.

    2. Michael Vick can NEVER be forgiven for what he has done to dogs. He has no remorse. He just pretends to be sorry because he has to. If you torture and kills dogs, you can not change the sick person that you are. Threatening his kids is not fair but he himself deserves all the hatred he gets. I will hate him and what he did forever.

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    5. fuck micheal vick. i wish someone would buck that mf right now. fuck a skin color. fuck human life. you stupid mf don’t understand shit cause ya’ll always wanna cry about some bs racism. you can get clapped if you white,black,blue,green. fuck micheal vick. i will pay for his address if someone wants to give it to me. fuck cutting his throat, thats why i keep the burner on me.

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    12. This has nothing to do with bigotry or racism. nothing. NOTHING.
      This has to do with a man who lacks empathy and displays sociopathic tendencies.
      How do you think serial killers get their start?
      People who have no regard for the suffering of others, be they human animal or other animal.

      The more people hold on to the black vs. white, purple vs. green, animal vs. human, the longer the fight for equality will go on. We must all be understanding, and all be held to the same high standards regardless of skin color. Skin color is irrelevant.
      And in order to keep it irrelevant making excuses or pointing the racism finger when somebody behaves in a terrible way that lessens society as a whole will do nothing to further that cause.
      journalism is becoming a joke, and this piece is a good example of that.

      And God is not on the side of somebody who tortures and murders innocents.
      If you think it is you need to re-read whatever book you think you know.

      Remember “Slaughter and justice cannot coexist”

      Ivan, people who feel empathy for animals tend to be more empathetic towards humans, as well. Don’t forget that.

    13. A “bigot” is someone who PRE-judges. There is no question that Vick murdered those dogs. Get your head out of your ass.

    14. Mike don’t mind the cowards and haters that sit behind their computers in the privacy of their creepy homes in the dark, God knows your heart, he’s been with you so far and he’ll always be there, just keep your head up. Book your tours where you know folks like you, you’ll be amazed at how many people believe in you. God bless you man.

      • Where was your God when Michelle Vick was electrocuting dogs, burning them with chemicals, hanging them, etc.? I’m sure Jesus was VERY happy about that.

    15. First of all I’m a white person, that thinks I am no better or worse than everyone else, no matter your color, sexual orientation or any other “factor”. We are all human so for the people that keep up with the white people this and that BS, it’s just that BS. Not every white person is like that just like every black person or Asian person or any other race of people is like that. Yes the moron from Pittsburgh should have been tried and if guilty gone to jail for his crimes had they been proven. Michael Vick has paid his dues to society and needs to be left along to live his life. Ya’ll want to get someone’s attention. Stop buying game tickets and stop buying jersey’s and stop watching the games. They will notice when their income drops off, especially as much as they want every single penny. Was and is this about race? Probably on some level yeah, but not every white person hates mike vick, some of us think he’s changed his life and deserves the chance to live it again.

    16. When will black people realize that white supremacist and white folks really deep down inside I don’t give a f*** about black people black people want you take a look around I don’t care if you got so call white friends look at a treat black people in this country the real black leaders have been telling you all open your eyes black folks please wake up please look at some of the laws they got on the books for black people they hang us kill us beat us and say its who is violent I nothing for white folks black people speak up you only live once

    17. I wish 1 of you crackers would come to the great state of Virginia with that b******* you talking to Michael Vick I’m a black man bring you ass here and threaten me and see if I run I put your fucking crackers down bring it on please for the sake of God this one black man that won’t give a shit about you devils love to take whip that ass

      • This white boy would be more than willing to kick the shit out of you AND that faggot Michael Vick. I hope someone kidnaps his offspring and tortures them they same way he tortured those animals.

    18. Social Media, allows every fanatic to be heard, where before Facebook, Twitter and the like, fools remained unheard and ignored, they way they should remain. With Social Media every idiot has a voice and sadly enough WE LISTEN!!! I WOULDN’T HAVE CANCELED MY TOUR! That gives them POWER!!!

    19. I’m not a Big Ben or a Michael Vick fan. I personally think a felon is a felon regardless of skin color, and they should have just as hard a time finding a job as the rest of us (even though Ben got taken care of, we all know he did it). BUT I agree that this is based on race. Not in a fanatical “they’re all out to get us” kind of way that I’ve heard around my way, but in a subtle “black folks are worth less” kind of way where the double standard comes into play. The NBA has good guys who don’t get into trouble. The NFL has murderers and wife beaters on the field. The NBA is marketed with a black face. The NFL is marketed with a white face. Which one is the league of “thugs”? Same thing here. Big Ben (I refuse to learn how to spell his last name) is a scumbag, but he got on with his life after what I am sure was MORE than two rapes. Vick on the other hand has to carry that cross forever. I will say Vick should have known better. We all know once WE make screw up it follows us forever. It’s been that way since we got “free”.

    20. Roethlisberger gets treated better than Michail Vick because people care more about animals than they care about humans. I’ve seen people spend more money, time and effort taking care of their pets than they do taking care of family members. Owners of big cats that would not hesitate to feed their prized pets human flesh. Human life has become so devalued that stealing money will get you a harsher prison sentence than stealing human life. It’s a sad state of the human condition, created by humans.

    21. If this should get ratcheted up, I hope Michael Vick will go straight to the Justice Department. Wonder if these bigots get fired up over the mistreatment of human beings like they do about animals. Hmmm…..probably not. Yet I’ve never seen any headlines where Fluffy or Fido were given power of attorney over their owner’s estate.

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