Like Me on Facebook, Respect Me Every Place Else

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My advice to is to always spend more time – developing and improving our skill set and finding creative ways to establish and promote our own personal brands. For too long, women especially have tied their identities so closely with their jobs, their spouses and even their roles as moms that they failed to determine their own personal identity, value and worth.

The word I see missing in most of these articles and conversations is the word respect. As a manager, colleague and even a classroom mom I’ll take respect over like-ability any day. Respect is earned in a variety of ways but it starts within. If you’re certain that what you bring to the table is of value, you’ll carry yourself in a way that commands respect. A lot of pettiness and insecurity on the job is bred from feelings of incompetence and self-doubt.

You earn respect by treating the people the way you’d like to be treated, working as hard as you require others to work and allowing others to have some ownership in the product that they are producing.

It’s nice to be liked but I like respect a whole lot more.

And I think most men would agree.

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