COMMENTARY: ‘First Junior Jesse, Now Kwame. I Hope Ray Nagin is the Last,’ said Tom Joyner, Host of ‘The Tom Joyner Morning Show’

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  • I’m completely disgusted with Kwame Kilpatrick.

    He’s a thief and a liar who betrayed the black residents of Detroit who expected so much and received so little. The former mayor of Detroit who emerged with so much promise was found guilty Monday on 24 counts of racketeering, conspiracy and extortion and a judge ordered Kilpatrick directly to prison.

    No bail. No debate. No mercy.

    Kilpatrick, perhaps the most underhanded mayor in Detroit’s history, got the verdict he deserved.

    As he was led away in handcuffs, Kilpatrick turned to his sobbing family and said: “Stay strong.”

    During a five-month trial, prosecutors said Kilpatrick, 42, was using Detroit as his own “private profit machine,” raking in loads of cash for his own personal pleasures and neglecting the needs of black residents who are struggling every day to make ends meet.

    Jurors were told that Kilpatrick was a corrupt politician who took bribes, rigged contracts and lived far beyond his means.

    And now he could face 20 years in prison.

    “I saw a lot that really, really turned my stomach,” one juror told reporters.  “I couldn’t believe this kind of thing was going on… but there was never any anger. Disappointment is all I feel.”

    Some black residents of Detroit are insisting this is a case of racism, where whites set-up Kilpatrick to discredit him and, in an orchestrated effort, took down another black leader.

    “Racism and ignorance is still profound in this city,” Omarrai Ali, one of Kilpatrick’s former students, told The Detroit Free Press. “They charged that man like he was Al Capone; like he had a criminal organization. This is flabbergasting.”

    Nonsense. Jurors agreed that Kilpatrick was running a systematic criminal enterprise. This is not about racism: this is about Kilpatrick’s greed, lack of integrity and corrupt behavior.

    I was born and raised in Detroit and I rooted for Kilpatrick when he was elected as Detroit’s youngest mayor in 2001 at the age of 31. Kilpatrick had promise and a gift of persuasion.  What I didn’t know – and what I could not have known — was that Kilpatrick was corrupt to the bone.

    Sadly, Kilpatrick isn’t the only black politician to be accused of corruption in the past few weeks.

    “First Junior Jesse, now Kwame.  I hope Ray Nagin is the last,” said Tom Joyner, host of “The Tom Joyner Morning Show.”

    “It’s no secret that I thought 10 years ago that Kwame would be the first Black President,” Joyner said. “Now because of the crimes he’s been found guilty of committing, he and other Black politicians are limiting the Big Chief’s choices when it comes to appointing black cabinet members.  It’s a sad day for America, Detroit, black people and most importantly, Kwame’s family. He’s a husband, a dad and a son….who could have been great.”

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    5 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: ‘First Junior Jesse, Now Kwame. I Hope Ray Nagin is the Last,’ said Tom Joyner, Host of ‘The Tom Joyner Morning Show’

    1. This was just yet another example of black racism that we see every so often. The media ignores it and everyone down plays it even though it is PURE, by the book, racism. Some notable examples include

      1) Black people hi fiving eachother and dancing in the street when the murderer OJ was let go.

      2) The Jena 6 debacle where black people commuted all the way to a different state to defend 6 people who brutally beat a kid nearly to death

      3) The lynch mob mentality in the treyvon martin case. A case which has yet to have all the details and evidence revealed.

      More and more people in America are seeing through this blatant ‘us vs them’ racist mentality that so many black people have. It is utterly sickening and only serves to divide us all further.

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    3. Kwame is nothing but a educated thug, nothing more nothing less, end of story. After he serve time in the clinker he will get out and run for office again and if his opponent is a white man, the fool black democrats will vote for him again.

    4. Good for him…He got what he deserved!!! I am one for looking for the racial part in a situation but I can not find it in this one….Shame on him for shaming his mother like that…..

    5. here is what i see as an issue for us as african americans in this country, the political system has been designed to operate as an enterprise where the elected official is to refrain from the temptation. there is nothing new here but as a man or women of color what gave u the impression u could be one of the “good ol boy’s” and wallow in the shadows and be accepted. the same ideolgy that gangsters use is politics as long as everyone has dirt on eachother there can be a code of silence. there is a purpose here , detroit is in bankruptcy and crime is at an alltime high much like where i live the areas we live are prime real estate. the only reason there is a focus on the crime and behavior in these areas is there plan to recapture the inner city. the real essence of any large city is the residents , the neighborhoods for decades these areas were discarded and left to rot that is how it is possible for this kind of tragedy to occur.

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