Columnist Slams Mayweather for Taunting Boxer’s Wife

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Ellerbe, who was promoting the Bundrage-Smith show, said if Mayweather’s actions were so bad and out of line, Bundrage should sue him.

“We would defend this one, believe me,” Ellerbe told Yahoo! Sports.

Ellerbe pointed out that Shawana Bundrage serves as her husband’s boxing manager and that the incident dated back to an early news conference to announce the fight (which Mayweather didn’t attend). Ellerbe said Shawana Bundrage told Smith that her husband would beat him and then go on to fight and beat Mayweather.

It was Ellerbe’s opinion that everything was simply trash talk and part of the fight game.

“I was there and this is straight [expletive],” Ellerbe said. “I know what was said. I heard and saw what was going on. She said her fighter — and that’s the context we were dealing with her, as K9′s manager, not his wife — she said her fighter was going to whip Floyd’s fighter and then was going to whip Floyd’s ass. … I heard the back and forth going on, and I was part of it. This is completely irrelevant and stupid, believe me.

“Floyd said nothing harassing to her and he did nothing to harass her. He was trash talking her, but she was trash talking him. This was written by a hometown reporter who I guess was upset that the hometown boy [Bundrage] lost. There is no truth, none, in any of what he says. None of this was personal, and what that reporter didn’t write was that after it was all over, we all shook hands and [embraced] and left with no hard feelings.”

Shawana Bundrage did not comment on the incident, telling Foster via email, “I do not want to make any comments to glorify his actions.”

Ellerbe said it is stories such as Foster’s that make Mayweather hesitant to appear in public.

“This all started at a press conference and it was a non-story at first because when it first started, Floyd wasn’t even there,” Ellerbe said. “It got blown into this big thing because apparently this reporter knows that someone is going to read what he has to say if he writes about Floyd. [Shawana Bundrage] seems like a nice young lady. This was all just boxing talk, trash talk, and to say it was anything more than that is a complete lie.”

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