Columnist Slams Mayweather for Taunting Boxer’s Wife

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  • Terry Foster, an African American columnist for the Detroit News, recently wrote about his disgust of boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. for the way he taunted the wife of another boxer during a recent fight, according to Yahoo Sports.

    It all went down at a Feb. 23 boxing match in Detroit, which featured Cornelius “K9″ Bundrage defending his IBF super welterweight title against Mayweather’s fighter Ishe Smith.

    Leonard Ellerbe, the CEO of Mayweather Promotions, said Mayweather and Bundrage’s wife Shawana were trash talking about the Showtime-televised fight and that nothing untoward or unsavory occurred.

    But Foster referred to Mayweather’s actions as “despicable” and said Mayweather gyrated his hips in her face. Later in his column, he characterized Mayweather’s actions as bullying.

    He wrote:

    Shawana Bundrage did not deserve to have a man gyrate his hips around her face while watching husband Cornelius Bundrage fight in the ring last week at the Masonic Temple. She did not deserve a grown man getting in her face and screaming while minding her own business. She also did not deserve the laughter that surrounded this despicable act that was captured by our photographer, Clarence Tabb Jr.

    But that’s exactly what happened.

    The culprit was champion boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., who was in town to promote the fight and his fighter, Ishe Smith, who took Bundrage’s light-middleweight title belt during the bout. Here is the funny part about it: Mayweather wore a hat that said “Money. Power. Respect.”

    Mayweather showed he had the money and power. He certainly did not show respect, although I am sure he wants everybody to respect him.

    Later, Foster suggested Mayweather’s actions were typical of the way black men treat black women.

    We, too, often talk about how much we love our black queens and that they are the greatest women on Earth. But then we demean them in rap songs and, in this case, in public. Mayweather treated Shawana Bundrage poorly. He showed no respect for her or her husband.

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