Shake Well Before Using

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  • Okay, please forgive me but enough already, it’s just too much. No more Harlem Shake, it’s gotta stop!

    And I know we did our own Hardest Working Harlem Shake here with the TJMS crew for all to see on Black America Web, but it’s getting out of control and no, I don’t want to be flying miles above the earth in a 747 when some college students have the bright idea to throw on some masks and shake the plane, no thank you, I’ll take the bus.

    And while we’re at it, please no more high priced athletes shaking in their locker rooms, no more international revolutionary factions shaking to mock their political foes, and no more senior citizens shaking themselves half to death.

    Okay, now that we’ve cleared the air, allow me to suggest some people who are really in need of a shake; ’cause these folks have really lost their minds and someone needs to shake some sense back into them.

    First off, Congress, for all of their sequester battles and harmful budget cuts, someone needs to shake them up to get them to actually serve the American people.

    Second, those pushing to repeal the Voting Rights Act under the guise of “state sovereignty”. Isn’t it interesting how every time people of color become more powerful, somebody steps in and wants to change the rules?    Shake ‘em like a Polaroid.

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