Marlon Wayans Caught Cheating?

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Sources say Marlon could not keep his hands or his lips off the woman despite being surrounded by guests as they lapped up the sunshine.

But after seeing the photo above once can’t help but wonder: Is Marlon still with the mother of his kids, or are they in an open relationship?

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3 thoughts on “Marlon Wayans Caught Cheating?

  1. If he(Marlon) got caught cheating, he must have skipped class when being discreet 101 was taught. I suppose with these open relationships, the “seven-year” itch kicks in a bit sooner. Dang, sure ain’t like the old school, when the man had his wife, his kids and a mistress with the ablility to keep his outside interests seperate from his home life. Pundits would say Marlon be getting his rocks off, pundits would say Marlon just out and out horny.

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