It’s on Ladies: Donkey Booty or Stallion Booty?

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“I’ve had a passion for fitness since I was twelve years old while working out to an aerobics television show several times a week,” Moore said in the press release.

“Since then, fitness and staying active have been a huge part of my life,” she added.  “Whether I was competing in Miss USA or trying out for a new acting role, it’s always been important to me to look and feel good and staying red carpet-ready. I’m excited to share my fitness plan with the Booty Boot Camp workout so that everyone can be Gone With The Wind Fabulous!”

The video sells for $16.99.

In the continuing feud over who has the better booty, Parks called Moore a “bootlegger,” but admitted that Moore’s video was first out of the gate even though Parks started her project before Moore.

“I haven’t seen it,” Parks said of Moore’s video. “But there’s enough room for everyone.”

Parks insists that her workout video will be released soon and will focus on women in general and women who are pregnant. “Eating healthy, drinking water and exercising,” Parks told The Huffington Post.

“When you look good,” Parks said, “you feel good.”

As a casual observer of the ongoing booty competition, I’m going with Kenya Moore and her well-toned “Stallion” booty. Why? Because Moore is in great physical shape and her workout video proves that she would obviously win the battle of the booty over Parks and, possibly, anyone else who dared to enter the race.

Take a sneak peek at both videos below.

C’mon ladies, fess up: Do you favor a Donkey Booty or a Stallion Booty? Inquiring brothers want to know.

Donkey Booty trailer:

Booty Boot Camp/Stallion Booty on “Anderson”:

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