N.J. Father Who Impregnated Daughter Sees Himself As Prophet, Ex-Wife Testifies

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The children were also home-schooled but according to Beverly their curriculum was not approved by any board of education.

There were obscene forms of torture that Beverly claims she and the children were forced to bear. “He threatened he would kill my children. He would cut them up and put them in different places and I wouldn’t be able to prove anything because I didn’t have a birth certificate for any of them,” Beverly lamented.  When the woman was questioned as to why she could not pick up the phone and report her husband’s cruelty, she responded by stating, “The way things were in the house, I couldn’t just do something,” she said, still crying. “There would be hell to pay.”

Ayinde’s den of iniquity finally came to a halt when one of his daughters summoned up the courage to contact police in 2006; she was 19-years-old. The unnamed woman, who is now 22-years-old, informed police investigators about her house of horrors and how she got pregnant by her dad and gave birth at age 15. She told them how she and her two other sisters bore their father a total of six children.

Ayinde is currently serving 40 years in prison after being convicted on all counts of molesting one of his daughters from about age 8 until she bore his child as a teenager.

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