Woman Sought in Vegas Strip Shooting; $35K Reward Posted

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  • LAS VEGAS (AP) — A 22-year-old Miami woman with a history of prostitution arrests was identified Tuesday as a person of interest in a Las Vegas Strip shooting that triggered a spectacular fiery crash and left three people dead.

    Police said Tineesha Lashun Howard was in a black SUV with Ammar Harris last week when he fired shots into a Maserati sports car at a self-promoted rapper who investigators say argued with Harris minutes earlier in the valet area of a glassy Strip resort.

    Maserati driver Kenneth Wayne Cherry Jr., 27, was mortally wounded before the sports car accelerated and slammed into a taxi that burst into flames — killing the cab driver and his passenger, a businesswoman from Washington state.

    Colleagues of the taxi driver posted a $35,000 reward Tuesday for information leading to the arrest of Harris, a 26-year-old felon whom police last year accused of being a panderer.

    “We lost one of our own in cab driver Michael Boldon,” said Brent Bell, president of Whittlesea Bell Corp. and the trustee of a trust fund established to pay the reward.

    Bell called the death of Sandra Sutton-Wasmund of Maple Valley, Wash., “no less tragic,” and said taxi drivers’ hearts also went out to Cherry’s family in Oakland, Calif.

    Investigators have said there were several people in the black Range Rover SUV when the shots rang out. They have only identified Harris and Howard.

    Police released several photos of the two together and said Howard also uses the name Yenesis Alfonzo.

    A police statement said Howard has been arrested multiple times on charges including prostitution, trespassing, possession of a stolen vehicle and grand larceny. It wasn’t immediately known if those arrests led to convictions.

    Police said Howard was considered missing and possibly in danger.

    Harris, who was convicted in South Carolina in 2004 of felony possession with intent to sell a stolen pistol and convicted in Atlanta of a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge, is sought in Las Vegas on three murder charges.

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    2 thoughts on “Woman Sought in Vegas Strip Shooting; $35K Reward Posted

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