Michigan Teens Suspended Over “Harlem Shake” Video

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  • Highland, Mich. — The “Harlem Shake” Internet remake craze led to more than two dozen students being suspended at Milford High School.

    The “Harlem Shake” videos became viral as people started creating and posting their own versions of the dance online, but in this case some suggest the teens at Milford went too far. The video shows several students sitting in a classroom shirtless or wearing costumes, dancing in a sexually suggestive way.

    The students’ actions were said to have violated provisions of the student code of conduct that reference vulgarity, indecency, misrepresentation and the use of racial slurs, but this wasn’t the only video the teens had on the Web.

    There is reportedly a second video that contained derogatory language towards Middle Easterners and a simulated masturbation scene. That video has since been removed from YouTube.

    Spokeswoman for Huron Valley Schools tells the Detroit Free Press,“We have an obligation to monitor and care for our facilities and the use of our facilities. Because this was shot on school property, we can take the type of action that we’re taking.”

    Root also said the students lied to a teacher to get access to the classroom where the “Harlem Shake” video was recorded during after school hours.

    Anthony Dawson, the teen who is seen dancing with his pet duck also flapping its wings  in the video,  said the students weren’t clear about what they planned to record in the room but never lied.

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