Judge Accused Of ‘Sexual Relations’ With Inmate

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The charges allege the two developed a romantic relationship in May 2012. The charges say she kissed Wampler three times at the Miami Correctional Facility, including once while sitting on his lap. The charges say Traylor-Wolff and Wampler met in a private attorney-client visitation room at the prison on June 15 and correctional officers observed them at the end of the meeting “engaged in excessive fondling with intent to sexually gratify over the clothing.”

The charges say that contact “meets the definition of ‘sexual relations’” as defined under the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct. Wampler was written up for the incident and, following a hearing, was sanctioned with a loss of jail credit time, according to the charges.

Traylor-Wolff has 20 days to respond to respond to the charges. The Indiana Supreme Court will then appoint three masters to conduct a public hearing.

The Supreme Court has final authority over discipline. If she is found to have violated any court rules, Traylor-Wolff could face sanctions ranging from a reprimand to a permanent ban on holding a judicial office in Indiana.

Traylor-Wolf served as a judge in the Pulaski/Fulton county courts from 1991-93 and as Pulaski Superior Court judge from 1994-2000. In Indiana, senior judges work on a part-time basis filling-in for trial court judges and are allowed to have clients. Full-time judges are not.

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